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Above The Roar


Above The Roar Media

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Because He Lives
Live Recording
Come Thou Fount
Music Video
For You Alone
The Heart Behind The Song
The Heart Behind The Song
Hold On Hope
The Heart Behind The Song

Lift Up His Name

Why we worship.

Music is a powerful thing. A great song can bring back memories, change our mood, bring people together and stir our emotions. There is a space in music that we can just get lost in, where everything else fades. And how much more when you are with a group of people doing that together. In that space, joining with friends or even strangers in a song, it doesn't matter what you are singing. Everything else just fades for a while. The roar of life gets left behind for a little while. When our music turns to praising Jesus, I believe miracles happen.

Above the Roar is a band that is all about that space, when we get together with a bunch of people and just go for it, lifting up the name of Jesus, lives are changed.

We hope the songs we write and sing do exactly that.

Sean Savage and Elisabeth Jordan are gifted worship leaders who put together a unique blend of powerful vocals, intimate harmony and passion for a worship that empowers the church not only to praise but towards action and life change.

We live in a loud, fast paced, pain filled, world. The noise of life can seem like a roar, and we don't want our music to just add to that roar. We want it to reflect the face of Jesus. Our band and our music is all about the story of God in us and in our church. A story of hope, restoration, healing, acceptance and how God brings us all together, with all of our junk and we can make something beautiful together.

When the church comes together with the sing loud the praise of God and align our hearts to His, our song rises above the roar.

Connect With Us.

For booking inquiries, or to connect with the band, e-mail us at